New Location, New Name

Looking for All Pro CrossFit?

We have rebranded and moved locations. You can find us, Sessions:6 Sport Performance, at 9110 W. 6th Ave. Frontage Rd., Lakewood, CO 80215.

Our new website is

Join us for our New to CrossFit class on Saturday at 10:00am. It is FREE and it is FUN.

Stop in to see our new digs!

We’ve moved!

It’s going to be a doozy…

Please begin using our new website at (The website is in progress; the cheesy pictures will be replaced soon!)

*Note, the WODs will post at 12:01am. In other words, don’t cherry pick…just show up!


Tuesday WOD (1/19/16)


Find Your 20 RM Back Squat



Ball Slams (30/20)

Monday WOD (1/18/16)


14 Min AMRAP:

10 Jumping Lunges (65/45)

20 Double Unders

30 Sit-ups

40 Kb Swings (50/35)

Saturday Endurance WOD (1/16/16)


40 min AMRAP:

2 Turkish Get-ups (50/35)
4 Ring Dips
6 Star Jumps
8 Ball Slams (30/20)
10 Sit-ups
12 Plate OH Lunges, walking (45/25)
14 Russian Twists (45/25)
16 Calorie Row
18 Kb Swings (50/35)
20 Double Unders

Friday WOD (1/15/16) Watch the Clock


On a 16 Minute Clock: Max reps for 1 min; Rest 1 min

1. Squats
2. Push-ups
3. Box Jumps (30/24)
4. Pull-ups
5. Jumping Lunges
6. Burpees
7. Kettlebell Wall Ball Shots (50/35)
8. Double Unders

Thursday WOD (1/14/16) Shoulder Day


Hollow Rock Tabata (no extra pull-up work today)

Shoulder Press

Push Press

Split Jerk

Wednesday WOD (1/13/16)


Complete 3 Rounds for Time:

Run 400m

10 Db Hang Squat Snatch, L arm (40/30)

5 Bar Muscle-ups

10 Db Hang Squat Snatch, R arm

5 Bar Muscle-ups

Tuesday WOD (1/12/16) Heavy Cleans & High Heartbeats


Work up to a Heavy Squat Clean Double


Metcon Speed Steps
8 x 0:30 with 0:30 rest

*Rest 3 minutes

Metcon Row
8 x 0:30 with 0:30 rest

New Location Info!

Our new location address is:
9110 W. 6th Ave. Frontage Rd.
Lakewood, CO 80215

*This is in the Meadowlark Shopping Center on the SE corner of Hwy 6th & Garrison St. We do not yet have our business store sign up. (We are located next door to Kula Yoga.)

Our new phone number is:


For information or questions, please call or email: